A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

“hot margherita and two spoons” is a visual novel with some point-and-click elements.

“hot margherita” follows the relationship Noah and Jayden, two boys who met in a dating app. Take the role of Noah and chat about variety of things with Jayden. Will climate change kill us all? How to come out to parents? How to be an adult? What to do with life? What did vampires in Twilight saga do when Bella had her periods?

Talk, eat a lot of pizza, go out on dates, text your potential boyfriend, examine different environments, and maybe reveal a couple of secrets…

This game is currently under development. More options and choices are to be added in the future.


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hotmargheritaandtwospoonsdemo-1.0-mac.zip 63 MB
hotmargheritaandtwospoonsdemo-1.0-pc.zip 77 MB

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